In the Beginning …

By: Candace Chellew-Hodge

“In the beginning …” — Genesis 1:1

Like any good story, the Bible begins at the beginning. The beginning of everything, when God looks out on the vastness of this universe and sees nothing … then creates a lot of beauty out of that same nothing.

This is the Holy’s challenge to us in every new day. We like to think of new beginnings as being grand occasions … the opening of a new business, the arrival of a new child, the first day of that dream job, the walk down the aisle to begin life with the person we love more than anyone in the world.

Grand beginnings are beautiful and hold so much promise for us. But what about your next breath? Can that not be a new beginning as well? Remember is was God’s “ruwach,” or breath, that began everything we see in this world, including ourselves. That creative breath still flows in and out of us daily, without us ever thinking about it.

What if, instead of waiting for some grand arrival of a new beginning, we resolved to begin again with each breath we take?

Morning didn’t go so well? Breathe deeply and begin again.

The boss yelled at you? Instead of berating yourself for your shortcomings, breathe deeply, and begin again.

Traffic jam on the way home? Breathe deeply and begin again.

So often, we get stuck in our ego’s fears, desires and cravings, caught up in everything that has gone wrong, hurt our feelings, or set us back in our goals, we forget that we don’t have to keep walking down this path. We may not have a choice in how the world treats us, but we do have a choice in how we react. We can get caught up in the drama and heartache, or we can step back, breathe deeply, and begin again.

What’s your strategy when life gets overwhelming? Would it help you to recognize that you can begin again in every moment, with every breath, right where you are in this present moment?


2 comments on “In the Beginning …

  1. RebelLady

    Good point. Its never too late to begin again. No matter how bad or good it looks in this minute, it will change. Clinging to either the good or the bad isn’t very productive. I try to look at my circumstances as they are in this minute without judgement. Impermanence is difficult for me but I’m learning not to cling to things since everything is impermanent and will change. There is neither good nor bad. There’s only Life, appearing to me in many different ways with many different faces.

    I am also really, really good at emotional denial. So I’m learning how to identify what I’m feeling in this moment without judgement since emotions are neither good or bad. They’re completely neutral. Learning to ‘sit with’ my emotions instead of denying their existence has been helpful. Once I’ve identified the emotion and sat with it (felt it completely instead of denying it or trying to pretend it doesn’t exist or is something else), I can truly begin again without carrying that old emotion into the next minute.


    1. cchellew

      Sounds like you’re doing a lot good work! Impermanence is my big stumbling block. I want to hold on to good and bad things … relive the good and savor the bad so I can hold those grudges! Learning how to let go and truly be in the moment really are moment by moment lessons, but so worth it!

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